Get Best Shubh Muhurat For Starting New Business

Get Best Shubh Muhurat For Starting New Business

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The year 2023 has aspirations for new business or expansion of the existing one. It is important to look for a Shubh Muhurat in 2023 to start a new business and to turn it into a profitable and successful one. The timing to open a business is something that one should decide with more care. Before starting a new business the owner has to make several decisions like proper location, direction, capital and future strategies related to business plans. This helps them to lead a profitable business at all times.

The relationship between astrology and business

Shubh Muhurat in English is referred to as the word Shubh means ‘auspicious’, and Muhurat means ‘time’, that is when combined together they form the term Shubh Muhurat which refers to an ‘auspicious time’. According to Hindu culture Shubh Muhurat holds a lot of importance, because people believe that anything that takes place or starting during the Shubh Muhurat gives positive outcomes and brings luck and fortune for an individual. Before starting a new business or task, people need to check the best day and time. According to business astrology, opening a shop or any business in Shubh Muhurat gives good wealth, prosperity, success and profit all the time.

If you want to know more details about Shubh Muhurat and want to know the most auspicious time to perform any particular activity then you can check with Astrologer Sanjay Kumar. You can always get free consultation by taking an appointment. You can also consult him directly and can get a shubh muhurat.

The Significance of Shubh Muhurat In Business

People think they want to become more successful quickly as soon as possible, but it is more difficult with a growing population and increasing competition in the world. They wish to do anything and everything possible in order to ensure a positive outcome. Nobody wants to encounter or suffer from losses and failure, this has led to a great and significant increase in the belief of people to hold in astrology. Recently people are interested and have started to do rituals and ceremonies in Shubh Muhurat.

Importance of Shubh Muhurat

It is always suggested that inauguration of a new business is done during a Shubh Muhurat. This is because starting a new business during auspicious time can ensure profitable and favorable outcomes for a businessman. At the time of Shubh Muhurat all the planets are placed in a favorable position and it ensures zero negative effects for the business and makes it profitable and beneficial for the person.

In Hindu culture the Shubh Muhurat are calculated for all the functions like marriage, Griha Pravesh, annaprashan, naamkaran, mundan, Karnavedha, property purchase, vehicle purchase, vidyarambh, engagement ceremony etc.

Shubh Muhurat date and time for business

Some important Shubh Muhurat days and time are given by Astrologer Sanjay Kumar to start a new business. Shubh Muhurat are listed and suggested by Astrologer Sanjay Kumar, in order to get the positive outcome and results in their business. The most auspicious date, day and time to start a new business is mentioned below by Astrologer

Sanjay Kumar, according to month wise:

Date & Day Timing (Muhurat)
January 1, Sunday 04:47 to 07:00 PM
January 2, Monday 08:00 to 08:40 AM
January 9, Monday 08:11 to 12:40 PM
January 30, Monday 11:23 to 12:58 PM
February 13, Monday 07:35 to 09:00 AM
February 26, Sunday 07:20 to 01:00 PM
March 12, Sunday 08:40 to 12:10 PM
April 3, Monday 10:40 to 01:00 PM
April 21, Friday 9:30 to 02:15 PM
April 22, Saturday 07:35 to 02:10 PM
May 1, Monday 08:55 to 11:00 AM
May 6, Saturday 06:45 to 10:50 AM
May 15, Monday 06:05 to 10:18 AM
June 02, Friday 07:20 to 01:15 AM
June 15, Thursday 10:35 to 12:51 PM
June 16, Friday 08:09 to 10:35 PM
June 25, Sunday 07:35 to 12:15 PM
July 13, Thursday 06:35 to 01:15 PM
August 18, Friday 07:20 to 01:16 PM
August 23, Wednesday 10:36 to 12:55 PM
August 27, Sunday 10:30 to 12:42 PM
September 01, Friday 07:45 to 12:25 PM
September 06, Wednesday 07:25 to 09:40 PM
September 20, Wednesday 06:40 to 01:25 PM
October 21, Saturday 06:56 to 01:26 PM
October 30, Monday 07:02 to 12:56 PM
November 08, Wednesday 10:10 to12:10 PM
December 14, Thursday 11:35 to 01:04 PM
December 15, Friday 07:35 to 09:14 AM
December 24, Sunday 07:42 to 10:54 AM